Are you still not using Search Marketing?

Hi All! Greetings for this Christmas month. SO, the marketing season for FMCG section is on rock. Every marketer is trying his best tools and team to get the customers. But are you still not using Search Marketing?

Search is well-adopted as a marketing medium — 85% of marketers are using, piloting, or planning to pilot search marketing programs this year. Yet most search marketing programs are tiny, and marketers focus on program mechanics instead of adopting practices to increase their search marketing sophistication. With search marketing complexity increasing, marketers should stop trifling with search and treat the medium seriously by defining a process for using it, growing keyword lists, adopting dedicated bid management tools, and pushing vendors to innovate.

It’s a difficult job to do Search Marketing. No! No! No! You are thinking like this because you never did this. I would like to share this fact with you that — the process of using search engines to promote products or services — has dominated interactive budgets and vendor business plans for the past two years.

I was just snooping for some more details on this topic and foun a very nice Market research done by Shar VanBoskirk. Thanks to Shar VanBoskirk for her research. I found it on Forrester Research.

I am sharing some facts and figures collected by her and then get back to my analysis.

· Lots of marketers run very small programs. Nearly two-thirds — 65% — of marketers already use search, with an additional 20% piloting or planning to pilot search marketing programs this year (see Figure 1). Search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search dominate these firms’ search marketing efforts, with 87% and 81% using or piloting each method, respectively (see Figure 2). Although search marketing is well penetrated, 64% of current search marketers manage a tiny volume of keywords— fewer than 500 (see Figure 3).

· Basic needs take precedence. More than 80% of marketers using or piloting search expect search complexity to increase (see Figure 4). Yet most prioritize ad management tools and top positions on Google and Yahoo! over efforts that would prepare them to tackle the increasing complexity of search marketing. Few marketers coordinate search marketing efforts with offline campaigns or research emerging search marketing applications like mobile, social, or video search.

Retailers lead in paid search. Overall, just 35% of respondents using or piloting search programs classify themselves as “advanced” or “sophisticated” search marketers (see Figure 5). However, expertise varies greatly by industry. Of the respondents surveyed, 65% of retailers claim an advanced level of search marketing sophistication; financial services are the least adoptive — 38% consider themselves beginners, compared with only 22% of marketers. Only 44% of financial services respondents currently market with search, and almost 30% never plan to implement search marketing at all.

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Search Marketing Professionals Priorities


So, Once we look at all above figures we can’t deny that whole marketplace is going to become virtual. The growing numbers of Internet marketers are showing that it’ll be future battle ground. So, unleash your weapons and ready for a new war.

Contact me for more details. I’ll write further details in my next blog till then give me time to study more.


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