Web Behavior: Key for Better Digital Marketing


Hi All! We all have seen a lot of sites, ultimate graphic experience tremendous flash, great link structure, but are they have a connect with consumers?

Where is the problem? Oh! I think I got the root cause. I think a big mass advertisers are putting their pathetic traditional media marketing and advertising approach on digital marketing. The user is not addicted for this behavior but advertiser’s don’t have any idea apart from those sticky media thoughts. As per my opinion this the major cause of failure in Digital marketing campaign.

“In my opinion, means using traditional marketing methods in the digital space. For example, creating an advertising campaign and “extending it digitally” usually ends up as a checklist. Micro-site? Check. Online banners? Check. Social media? Check. Mobile? Check.”

His answer to better digital marketing is a staple of what good marketers have done well in the past, which is understanding consumer behavior, this time in the digital space:

“It’s time to come to terms with how people really use the web (hint — it might not be to figure out your experimental navigation) and how we can harness the true power of digital.”

The way most people use the web, in contrast to something like watching TV, is as an active medium, rather than passive.

Whether it is asking questions through search, uploading family photos to Flickr, or communicating with friends through social networking, most of the time spent on the web is spent doing something.  Or, as me puts it, solving problems.

Which is why traditional interruption marketing like flashing banner ads, are not only ineffective, but in most cases, very irritating in their distraction.

A solution to better digital marketing would be to look at the top reasons why people use the internet and then ask how your digital marketing efforts can enhance their activities rather than distract:

    • How can your digital marketing help people better connect with their friends or people with similar interests?
    • How can your digital marketing connect your core consumers with the music or video content they really want to see?
    • Are your digital marketing efforts genuinely entertaining and are they something people would want to share with their family and friends?
    • How is your digital marketing helping people search for information quicker or more reliably?

I know it seems odd to ask digital marketing to simply lever what Facebook or YouTube are doing already.  It doesn’t seem groundbreaking or that creative.

But therein lies the point: how effective do you think your flashing banner ad is when it only serves to stand in the way of what people really want to do online?

The user your are targeting is not bulls eye. Sometimes it became pearl in ocean when you talk about corporate users. So, A campaign should have problem defined. Like are you targeting people who are looking for hardware in bulk. So, your campaign should talk that you are looking we are offering rather than just saying we have hardware. IBM has done a great job by saying “Stop selling what you have, but start selling what they need.” You marketing goal should be brief and precise rather than a big documentation and long scripts. Look I have to market a Business Solution to toy manufacturer so, I’ve to define my self as their service provider rather than an Corporate or Business Solution provider.

So, think once again that is you Digital Marketing efforts are really good? Answer a simple question to me that when you have designed a campaign did you really tried to put yourself as buyer?

This is the reason that we have more than 90% pathetic sites.


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