Google Adwords: Saving Money?

Hi All!

Today I thought to tell the bidding strategy. So many people are still depending upon Google Default bidding option or they stick to Google default options. Maximum time PPC meetings or review starts with CTR & having snacks and last discussion is about conversion while we are about to finish our coffee.

First I would like to share some tips to save money from Google Adwords:

  • Use a credit card which has some cash back scheme. It’s a very important ROI factor if you are managing high budget (LOL). If your bank doesn’t provide these scheme apply for a new one.
  • Use a piggy bank to deposit dollars which you get from click quality adjustment (Because you already paid that money, So consider it as your ROI or savings).
  • Help me find more if you can…:)

My objective is to put things on place. I want to give hints to webmasters or so called PPC managers(many of them not mean this. Sorry!) that what things should be done while thinking of Pay Per Click Campaign.

The first mistake many people make with Google Adwords is not having a bidding strategy. The highest bid is not necessarily going to be what brings you the most traffic from a PPC advertising campaign. You need to decide if you’re willing to accept a lower position on the search page. Remember, not every click is going to result in a sale, so if you’re paying too much per click, you’re wasting your money.

Another pitfall of bidding high is that competitors may fraudulently repeatedly click your ad in order to drain your advertising budget. A lower cost per click helps to keep this problem under control. A well-crafted ad with a lower position may suit your purposes as well or better than one higher up on the page.

Have interesting and informative content on each page of your site. You may offer a free e-book, newsletter, or e-zine related to your particular product or service. You don’t want to use PPC advertising to your site only to have it pass through. You want people to stop and stay a while, and then come back and visit again.

By using the right bidding strategy, researching keywords, and tracking their advertising, they have learned how to bring traffic to their website. By creating content that visitors find interesting and helpful, they keep them coming back. Develop the right marketing strategy, and Google Adwords can help you to succeed with your online business.

Finally I would like to say that Advertisements in any model are not for core ROI we should also count the relative benefits, like being in between competitors, Search visibility, traffic, branding so on others.


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