Commercialization of Communication : Answer

HI All!

In my previous blog I’ve screwed myself to know that is it right to commercialize the communication channels? After having a lot of study and suggestions from so many experts I believe that it is absolutely fine to commercialize the communication channels.

But this answer took me to another question that if commercialization of communication is right then why we are not accepting this? It means there must be proper algorithm and strategy behind this type of commercialization. We need to know what is the exact way or say sophisticated way to advertise on social media communities and other communication channels like flicker, YouTube, mobile platforms, and other community sites.

First I am providing the answers that I got from so many experts from my communities on linked-in and other channels.

Best Answer From Suhel Khan, | Sr. UI Designer (Marcom) at Yash Technologies

Good question indeed. But hey come on you know the answer. i ask you a simple question if Linked-In or Facebook or Orkut or Myspace, where i am sure you might be having a profile, asks you to pay ie. 200 dollars each as a monthly subscription charges, Will you pay? I dont know you may be a rich guy ready to shell out 1000$ a month to chat up with your friends or sneak into your high school crush. But what about the rest, the majority who got attracted to internet and is sticking to it because of its democratic, free of cost nature?
The basic motif of monetization of communication channel is for the survival of the medium itself, if there is no free accessible channel then you and i will not have the comfort of discussing the topic right now.
You said “Will user activity or ad money dictate the future of our current social networking scene?” It can and it will, i have a profile on orkut, and i have virtually stopped using it because i am bugged with all the ads that keep popping up every now then trying to sell either some sort of ebooks or potency pills..:) But i still keep it because old friends are there.
And as far the toleration is concerned then my friend, it is a great motivator out of which new mediums like twitter, jaiku, pownce etc are born.
How to do it? well some permission marketing concepts + Let me control what i want to show on my profile + share the revenue with me (When i can get the money for the billboard that i put up on my rooftop then why not social profile)
Hope that has answered your question and i f you have further queries or would like to debate then just drop a mail.

Answer from Mohit Aggarwal Sales/BD Manager, Oracle

Hi Amit,
You have asked a question which even Facebook & other social networking sites are yet to answer completely. I must admits that it is tough to monetizing social networks. Bcoz the answer lies in user’s intentions. Only those Social networks will thrive in future, which can create win – win situation for everyone & definitely user activity will dictate the future of social networking scene which will be proportional to ad money……
And Keyword / display advertising will hardly be the right means of monetizing. But with access to demographic info, interests, important dates in your life, what you are upto and where you are – advertising can get really really targeted. Its just going to take a few years to get to that level of personalization. Besides, advertising, brand building or market research might also be a better approach.

Answer From Rameshwar Gupta, Technical Recruiter at Yash Technologies Pvt Ltd

Hi Amit,
The question which you have asked .varies from every sector of the society ..i mean towards Urban and Rural Sector. If you think and view that commercialization is quite helpful especially towards rural areas for example Polio TikaKaran Abhiyaan, Women’s Empowerment Programme in the society, Water Harvesting Schemes and Health activities especially Aids and Cancer related programmes and so on is quite helpful once these are being highlighted in the programme. There are instances where the government have commercialised the programmes for different group of Masses which is quite helpful for the society can be from science and technology or towards empowerment of the soceity (For ex”:Ladli Laxmi Yojna” targeted at the girl child in which the government is putting Rs 1 lakh in a bank account and giving other facilities to a girl child born in a BPL family and increasing the facilities as she grows up and goes into different levels of school and college education till the time she gets married or the Mid Day Meal schemes for the childrens who are quite benefitted for the childrens who comes below poverty line)
Now coming towards other sectors especially commercialisation of brands…like Soaps and detergents /selling a New TV brand by taking the help of famous stars either from Bollywood or Hollywood is quite helpful also. but just to inform to you that if you are commercializing on Terrorism it varies how the society reacts to it as in today’s scenario it is very common problem.
So what i mean to say is that it depends on how you sell the brand to the people thru Mass Media communication. Best way is to take the survey after you have advertised your product thru Media. It is quite helpful at a later stage once you launch the product.

Answer From Chris Curvey, CEO at Skytop Integration

There’s nothing wrong with the “commercialization of communication channels.” Long before the web, people went to markets or bazaars or the mall, not because they wanted or needed anything, but just to talk, to learn, to get the latest news.
In the same way, advertising money will flow to the biggest communities. The organizer, whether its facebook or linkedin or the local newspaper, provide the forum for the conversation. Then they deliver the community to the advertisers, who want to find someone who is incidentally buying what they are selling.
As for the “promotional campaigns in sheep’s clothing,” I would not worry too much. Humans are very good at identifying corporate-speak, and we know when we’re talking to a genuine person and when we’re hearing a marketing spiel. If the organizer allows corporate voices to drown out the community, then the members won’t see the value anymore, and they’ll move on to the next community.

Answer From Jennifer Jacobson, Founder of Jacobson Communication, Author: 42 Rules of Social Media for Small Business

Hello Amit,
Good question, and maybe even more of a quandary. We have to understand that social media companies are always in it for profit, unless otherwise clearly stated. While it may be nice to find a new platform that is not littered with ads, it is often because that platform is unable to attract significant advertising, because it is new. There are other platforms that make their money selling information about their user base to third parties.
As former VP of a Social Media company, I understand this all too well and while it is often true that the initial idea for a social media company is simply “a place for friends” or “a place to share” survival is also an issue for the company. Unless we are willing to pay to play and pay subscription fees to keep our social media networks running, we are often at the mercy of intrusive ads and the selling of our information.
Television shows were initially created to sell advertising. There is no utopia of communication that has yet to overtake the commercialized media, and if there is, I haven’t yet heard of it.
I do think, however, that there are certain people that will always look for the truth and dig deeper into what is said. Those people will remain the thought leaders and champions of free speech and communication. Today’s media is owned by a small handful of major companies that are constantly trying to make money from the masses. The cards are stacked against the average person, and the “ruling class” will always have a hand in our media. However, this is not an excuse to give up, but more a call to organize, and to be informed, and to know how to, when to, and with whom to communicate.

Answer From Yazmin Gutierrez Escoffie, Analista de Inteligencia de Negocio at Axtel

If you remember the way internet started (just for securyty issues) and the way it has been growing recently, it is normal to identify the growing use of communications channels as a business opportuny, I think the main profitable use of social networkd will be something that has already started: Publicity.
Nowadays an important issue to take ino account is the confidenciality of the informaction, because criminals around the world have been using the social networks as a powerful source of information.
I believe that, information security matters will be a more importante issue for the next year, at the moment I do not know wheter it is right or wrong to commercialize with this communication channel, but in the close future we will be paying more attention to the way in which we do business through social networks.


After reading all above facts I know you also have to say something. So I welcome your comments and feed back. I’ll write my next blog for a details strategy on Commercialization of communication channels.


3 thoughts on “Commercialization of Communication : Answer

  1. Hi there Amit,

    Real tough one. The marketers are struggling with how to connect to this large consumer base but today the consumer has the power to block/retreat/ ignore all targeted at him/her like TiVo.
    I have an alternate question, I would appreciate if as many can answer this.
    Do you think that putting more obvious security features online such as warnings or education messages for harmful practices that occur during social interaction on websites such as bullying and harassment will influence the trust towards the SCNs and consequently the engagement with ads on the SCNs?


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