JavaScript and Search Engine Visibility

Basically we use JavaScript to style our web page with some of its awesome effects. When a web designer uses this function for navigation schemes it decrease the crawl ability of that particular section highly. Most search engine doesn’t follow the links embedded in JavaScript code including rollover and menus.

But the very same fact is not true all the times. Some basic JavaScript functionality also can be helpful to search engines to crawl the website and it increases credibility also.

But still query has not been solved. Demon is ready to beat the angels. What should we do next? I am signifying some of the steps that can help you getting ranking while using JavaScript menus and navigation pattern.

1. It’s recommended that you put JavaScript code in the bottom of a web page (if code is not too big). The reason behind this that spider process from top to bottom. But if you are using multiple JavaScript at a single web page then also keep loading time in your mind because user can take action only if he get interested in first 15 seconds.

2. But if my navigation or menu is not so simple then what should I do? Great! I have an idea for this also. Create an external JavaScript file and put this under “script” folder on the root itself.

3. You should say search engines to not crawl you scripts folder. There are several of reasons behind that. Search Engines Spider bots usually don’t like the taste of JavaScript as well as other server side scripts. The search engine algorithm doesn’t like it. Why this? Because so many times if programmer has failed to properly close the scripts or there are some issues in loops then it cause Spiders to be crashed. To prevent this issue SE Spiders usually skip these types of scripts.

4. Add following line in your robots.txt file:

a. Disallow: /scripts/ (The folder where you are placing scripts. Scripts is a standard name for search engine but you can customize the name but don’t do it until its necessary )

5. Specify Alternative Content with the <noscript> tag. The <noscript> tag provides alternative content to browsers that do not support JavaScript and for visitors who have disabled JavaScript in there browser settings. The <noscript> tag is used then place it between <head></head> tag. The <noscript> tag also provides good breakfast to Spider hence it should have keyword rich and search engine oriented content (but don’t forget about end user).

6. Please beware of spamming. You can spam the .js file or <noscript> tag via keyword stuffing but remember if your trying to feed more to spiders that wouldn’t be digestible.

These are some basic search engine optimization guidelines for JavaScript base navigation and menus. Keep it in mind that there are lots of other ways also. Feel free to ask more about JavaScript SEO and other design related issues. I’ll welcome your views on this. Hope you are not miser enough to leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “JavaScript and Search Engine Visibility

  1. Its a good and easy to understand description.But i think it could have been even better if you could have even used some examples to explain. 🙂

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