Why PPC Campaigns usually not be up to snuff

What happened? You started thinking about your Pay per Click Campaigns. Well I am not going to write a lecture note on this topic. I have few simple points to remind and little schoolwork to show.

Basically I categorize PPC in three parts. One is for Branding; other is for Leads and Viral Marketing expansions. There is also another class of Pay per Click advertisement that is Counter PPC.


This is one of the typical types of Pay per Click model. This is a broad campaign in which we should use huge inventory of keywords and placements. The Ad Copies should be generic and discussing about product features and specification rather than offerings and promotional schemes. We should be aware of placement in this scenario as huge inventory may cause negative branding. Simply we should understand what model will entertain and engage the end user rather than showing you’re……….


This model is little more sensitive towards business investments. My personal experience has taught me that we must segregate our Campaigns on the basis of leads. Because return from advertisements are not for sure. Hence we should focus on the source of leads. In case of pay per advertisements keywords are our assets. Hence we should separate our High ROI keywords in a different campaign so that we have a fix ratio of online leads then after we can improvise it for better CTR and lowest possible bid. The Ad copy in this campaign’s adgroup should be very specific, more of the offers, product USP(unique selling product) and other value association. But never forget counter Ad copies for your competitors. Focus on the placement network with more selected Placements and your genuine Image Ads. Better to make it in flash so that you can use maximum of your allotted space. One interesting thing about Placements that don’t let it be on default bid, you can save a lot here.

Viral Marketing:

Viral Marketing via PPC is little bit more confusing (not to me). This is basically contextual Ad targeting. Like if you are offering Fruit Juice you can target Cinema Halls, Multiplexes, Shopping Malls and even Health sites. Because it’s where your target audience are roaming. In case of PPC you can create a campaign with those contextual keywords and broadcast them same with image ads. You can choose respective placements with appropriate Image Ad Copy. Flash can work better here.

One thing to be noticed in these type of marketing campaigns that Normal Keyword targeting campaign may cost you higher because of irrespective keywords and landing page. Hence Image Ads and display ads are good to go with.

Synchronizing Campaigns with other Marketing Activities:

After you design your campaigns you should learn or find the way to synchronize your other marketing activities like e-mail marketing, hardcore marketing and event, webinars. Because you should sound unique with your campaign. Your unique selling points and value added services are weapons for online ad campaigns so never hide them. Learning from your competitors is best way to beat the competition. Hence write your ad copies keeping your brand and marketing efforts in mind.

Most Important: Landing Page

So, Finally you have launched your campaign. But who will going to be your customer? Search engine or your competitor. So never keep these two in your mind.

While designing landing page keep Target audience profile in your mind and minimize the number of pages and deep navigations. Study has shown us the one interactive page converse more than a website. So keep promotion, form and USP on a single page. This will help you a lot. Add feedback and comment buttons on your landing page prominently to get direct response if possible.

Statistics show that you have got exactly 6 seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your site. If the visitor does not instantly find what he or she is looking for, your budget will not translate into business or leads. It is critical for your website to have the following characteristics:

Enticing images

If you offer a service, pictures of happy people will give the impression of satisfied end users. If you are offering a product, make sure that your images are clear and represent your product in a true manner.

Good web copy

Remember that less is more when it comes to web copy. Don’t clutter your site with unnecessary text. Good web copy should fit in one frame.

Call to action phrases

Tell your visitors what you want them to do. Examples of good call to action phrases are: “Call now!”, “Buy today!”, “Contact us!”.

No scroll bars

Wherever possible, fit everything into one screen or frame. The more a user has to scroll, the more chance you have in loosing the visitor.

Site design in HTML

Flash websites might look great, but are a killer for any SEM campaign. You may incorporate some flash images to enhance your site’s look and feel, however keep your site predominately HTML.

Remember: Unless your site is ready, your traffic will not convert into sales or leads.


Do not forget to verify the clicks and conversion rates, not only for each ad, but also for each keyword. If you notice that some keywords are not resulting in any selling operation, you can chose to put them on standby or make some changes in order to improve their conversion. This can mean the implementation of a new ad group and the creation of new ads more focused on individual keywords. This can result in implementing new ad group and creating new ads more centered on individual keywords, or maybe just a simple adaptation of the offer



8 thoughts on “Why PPC Campaigns usually not be up to snuff

  1. This is a great post. So many people these days are throwing away money on PPC campaigns without doing some research.

    PPC campaigns can be a great method of advertising at low cost when many of the things you mention above are followed.

    Another alternative is offering referral payments for your products/services. Not only will this place your product or service on a targeted website, it will be promoted specifically by that website.

    You are also spot on about the flash websites… I think in future when Internet speeds increase they will be wholeheartedly welcomed by the general Internet user. Until then though, they are a nuisance for those in a hurry.

  2. Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked reading your blog posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

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