Want to Look Cool- Get Haircut Like I did

Hi All, Today I am feeling better because few girls commented on my Haircut by saying “tht’s Cool”.

I wanted some change. From a decades I used to go “Italian Saloon*” for my haircut. The reason behind it that I am familiar with The Italian Environment. Ohhh! Don’t think like that.. I never been to Italy neither faced Italian hospitality/lifestyle till today. We use this term for a place which is usually on a street corner and beside traffic red-light with a slogan(Not written any where) “Cheap and best haircut”.

Italian_Hair_Salon(As per Indian Local Language)

Finally today for a change I went to Matrix Hair Saloon just below my Apartment and Got my new Hairstyle that obviously expensive than what I used to pay. But It’s COOL. Now you are thinking that Why I am talking about haircut on my SEO blog? You are right. It’s a complete story. Just move ahead.

In this Matrix Saloon I met with two guys. One who going to cut my hair and other one who has on billing counter. Once I entered they greet me and spoke me. They didn’t asked that whether I came for haircut or not. They simply asked me to start the process. While washing my head he started talking me about various topics, the city environment, human behavior and bla bla bla. I became familiar with him in very first minute of my interaction. Then I also started adding humor to his facts and communicating. Finally it took 20 minutes to complete haircut and making a new friend. Well he did fantastic work with my hairs.

In above paragraphs have you noticed that what I am talking about? Any Clue? I want you to say a simple thing that how important communication is in our life. It means a lot for professional. That guy did my haircut and got a client as well as a good reference. His good work obviously matters but the style of communication and the understanding of customer is more important that his haircut expertise.

In web marketing we often follow the Italian Saloon concept that is “Cheap and best haircut”. This is well said USP but not appealing. Now days we want to listen our story not the old folks. So many paid Ads failed because of there communication strategy. They failed to communicate what they want because they are doing there best not what their customers want. I want a cool haircut but if some body is adding a bit of fun and few statements full of life and lift my mood up, why not I go again to him?

This is my point. I’ll give you five points that where a Internet marketing Professional should add the above moments in communication and win the race.

  1. Writing Meta Tags: This is a very basic work that every SEO/IM Professional often do. Why they do this? This is required for Spiders cool haircut. But are you thinking about end user, that what he feel about meta description when he read it in search result page? Think and justify…Please change if you need “cool” factor that further will be click.
  2. Directory Submission: Why your directory submission has been rejected? Because it’s read by human editor and you haven’t told him that how cool your haircut is. So mind it next time.
  3. Link Building: You are trying to increase your links but what happened? Are you getting it? Have you told another webmaster about Haircut? Until unless you personalize the communication you will be treated as those Viagra guys. Understand…
  4. Social Media: Social Media is a virtual life book. Tell them whenever you get a new haircut. It will increase your credibility.
  5. Blogging: Bloggers are very emotional online species I have ever seen. They are more attached to there blog (Like me) than of girl next door. Like I am sharing this Haircut story….Just I want to share a bit of my life. Hope you are getting.

So, I think you are getting my point of “Cool haircut” that I had today. Tomorrow I am going to change my specs. May be I’ll see world from a new angle.

But if you need more inputs and unable to understand this “Cool” Factor, please get back to me.


One thought on “Want to Look Cool- Get Haircut Like I did

  1. why dont you attach your pic depicting before and after the hair cut……
    so that we can better understand your “cool factor”…….

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