SEO Strategy Needs to Have a New Prospective : Part 1

In July this year the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) reported that online advertising figures had risen 38% from the previous year. This shows the increasing importance that marketers are placing on the web. Pertinently, the greatest growth in online spend was search.

My question is which SEO strategy you follow? Is it the same you are doing from years or have some updates?

Few years back we have just few types of search results, e.g Web, Images or News. But now we all know that search has been categorized in many variants. Here the biggest challenge is decide that in which category you want to be on top. Below are few categories:

  1. Web pages
  2. Images
  3. Maps
  4. Videos
  5. News
  6. Blogs
  7. Updates (Microblogging)
  8. Encyclopedia
  9. Personalized Search
  10. Geo Specific Search
  11. Local Businesses

Now, if you trigger any keyword or say keyphrase it moves in 11 categories mentioned above and then reflect keywords as per their relevancy. I have just made an process chart that how search and indexing will be processed. Please have a look. After that I’ll again come on topic:

Search and Indexing Process Map for Search Engines

So, Now after looking at above map you are aware that how categorization helps. Sometime, I have seen many webmasters that they pick keywords and start doing SEO practices. This will not give you results as you have seen I have mentioned 11 categories and each will have a different approach.

What will be the catch of web 2.0 revolution? The SEO is becoming more challenging due to social boom. Every site is not compatible with Social Media depending upon their nature. Hence again we have two different approach to Search Engine Optimization. One which is socially acceptable and other which are not.

Now come to wiki, blogs and microblogs (twitter). As above these are also key factors in today’s time. If its applicable to client or website its fine. Or if not we need to replace it via third party blogs, comments and article/PR submissions.

Social Media was a foreseeable platform for communication, but how it will influence industries and individual companies is a topic that is harder to anticipate.  This blog will be examining predictions made from entrepreneurs behind startups like Google, PayPal, Flicker and many more largely successful Internet companies.  At the end of this post let me know what you agree with or not, and if you have any original ideas of upcoming trends.

Further I’ll write in Part 2.

I’ll look for your comments and queries…. Wishing all of you a nice time….


9 thoughts on “SEO Strategy Needs to Have a New Prospective : Part 1

  1. This is an excellent Post. Social Media have really changed the way internet marketing forever. The introduction of total human interaction in websites through social networks have given search engines new prespective on how to rank websites.

    The more websites relate to people interests through social networks the more instant backlinks it will recieve from high PR social websites eventually the higher it will rank.

    Thanks for sharing, Great Post.

  2. Keyword analysis keeps highest importance in seo. If you work on good keywords then it is easy to get result in less time span. London SEO service provides good keyword research as well. Thank You ;).

  3. Internet advertising is a complex entity that will help you and your business to search and find NEW consumers. This will also aids consumers to find your business when they need to. Its a great blog… Thanks for the info…

  4. Thanks for providing this detailed information yes I’m using upgrades in this technology but still not as much you have told. There are few one which I have heard first time now. I’m sure it will work well and improvements will be shown quickly.

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