SEO Strategy Needs to Have a New Prospective : Part 2

Hi Freaks… I am so sorry that I have been too late to write part2. I am stuck in some projects which has taken my blogging time. But Now I am back again with more Insight on SEO strategy. In first part we have discussed about static factors which leads us more traffic.

Now, I wanted to talk about dynamic factors. Before I start my topic I have few questions.
1.    How many times we try to search as a user?
2.    Do we observe for complimentary goods and services?
3.    Do we notice what Google instant is showing?
4.    Do we care that in coming times what would be the trends for same?
First I’ll discuss point 3. It seems odd that I am jumping to 3rd point directly but I have some kind of mental problem that I use to boggle around.  Jokes apart, point 3 is not only about Google Instant. It’s about keeping an eye on latest and upcoming updates. All these are for very simple reason. We are aware that Ranking doesn’t come overnight. Depending on competition and other factor, it may take up to 3-6 months as well while we opt only for ethical process.  Now 3 months back I have selected on key phrase “xyz lmn abc” to optimize a website. That time that keyword has huge search count and fair competition over that. Today that keyword is just giving me few clicks with respect to the massive efforts I have did. Question is why so?
As we discussed a simple problem above, I’ll start now from 1st question. I am not juggling but trying to figure out mistakes. While we do keyword research we usually see search counts, competition, ranking websites and business relevancy at most. But when we make final inventory most of the webmaster forget to run a deep search on all search engines with selected keywords. Might be they are running out of time or not paid enough to do this. Because when we search the point 2nd and 3rd comes into the picture. So now I have completed point 1st. I am searching as a user. So point 2nd is saying about complimentary searches. For example you sell hot dogs, but might be the people searching for Burger will buy more than of actual. It’s completely subjective and depends upon webmaster’s intelligence to find right matches. As a example a person looking for fried potatoes may opt for Chips. Synonyms are again something to consider at the same place. For example “wedding ring” and “Marriage ring” have huge difference in their search and conversion behavior.
Now after completing 2nd point I am again back on 3rd one. While we type search query we get suggestions. So it’s easy for user to select suggestion and search the same as it seems relevant and save typing time also a huge online crowed tried to type as less as they can. Now for example I have optimized my website for “xyz lmn abc” but when user enters “xyz lmn” the suggestions appears with different phrases than of “xyz lmn abc”. Here I lost my business as I may not rank well on that phrase. So it’s important to keep this option in mind.

Four Points while searching keywords for SEO

Four Points while searching keywords for SEO

After 3rd point 4th most important point came to picture. I am optimized a website today for “xyz lmn abc” but in upcoming times user might search “xyz lmn bad” more than previous. Or they use some other search term. Hence we need to keep track on all above points. After then again we need to go part 1 to start making strategy.

Soon I’ll write Part 3 covering Google updates and relative strategy for rich media implementation and e-commerce optimization.

Till then, do leave comments if you like my opinions or you want to share something more… Have a nice time folks…


4 thoughts on “SEO Strategy Needs to Have a New Prospective : Part 2

  1. Caution! As you hire contractors or employees to take on these tasks, it may appear to slow you down in the beginning. Don’t let this scare you off. In order to grow at lightening speed you must slow down a little so you can properly train for a smooth hand-off. The result will be well worth it when you get 10 times as much done in an hour than your competitors.

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