Holiday Season and Online Marketing cum Advertising

Holidays, Festivals and other important dates should be in top of Agenda this year. Not surprisingly, Facebook led the way for online retail marketing budgets. A full 92% of CMOs say they are focusing their social media budgets on Facebook. That’s up from 76% in 2009. Twitter was next (61%), followed by YouTube (20%), LinkedIn (15%) and MySpace (8%) as a key marketing focus. Source: Website Magazine

Our Online marketing and SEO activities mostly run on same default strategy. It’s the naked truth of this dimension, while we may see numerous of changing ways and diverging trends of user behavior.  We should be aware of changes which time will bring. The marketers who have sharp vision on trends gain massive profit with their online campaign where as on other hand people stuck with same result and rushing in last minute race.

So, now I am going to have my view on Online Marketing Strategy. Have a look at below solved puzzle:

Before starting any FMCG Industry online advertising or marketing campaign we need to focus on key elements which infuse user behavior. Below is the ChannelAdvisor Third Annual E-Commerce Consumer Survey Results.

Please have a look:

  • 58 percent of those surveyed plan to purchase their gifts online this year, besting brick-and-mortar stores by nearly 20 points.
  • The economy doesn’t seem to be as big of a factor as some may believe for the consumers we surveyed: 41 percent said that their shopping habits were unaffected by the state of the economy, and 43 percent think the economy is bouncing back.
  • When browsing for a gift idea, 59 percent of those surveyed started on search engines, followed by marketplaces at 28 percent. Only 10 percent started directly at a retailer’s webstore.
  • Consumers are not as retail-name conscious as one may expect: 67 percent said they would purchase an identical product from an unknown store if the store offered a better value.
  • When asked what promotion enticed shoppers to purchase, “best price” was most popular, followed closely by “free shipping,” and then “trusted seller status.”
  • Reviews are exceedingly important as 92 percent of consumers said they read product reviews. Of that 92 percent, 46 percent were influenced to purchase based upon the reviews, and 43 percent were deterred from purchasing. The other 3 percent said their decision was unaffected by the reviews.
  • When asked what makes a webstore trustworthy, consumers overwhelmingly listed the following three answers, in ranking order: security verification, reviews and webstore aesthetic.

Now you go back to the solved puzzle and make your marketing strategy with key factors highlighted. Hope this time you will not be cracking nuts.

I’ll be writing more on same .. but at this point of time need to cook something.. Feeling very hungry.. But you please leave comments or suggest me topics as well…


4 thoughts on “Holiday Season and Online Marketing cum Advertising

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