SEO Tips for Yahoo and Bing and side effects on Google for Same

Hi Folks. As usual I am writing blog after a long gap. It’s not my fault but my profession leaves me with a bit time. Lot of mess. Recently Google Farmer AKA Panda update has given me many sleepless nights as I was discovering the core Impact of same. I’ll write my next blog for same. Currently a lot of discussions are going on for same on may forums and blogs but I need something more, so still snooping.

As so many sites suddenly lost their ranking on Google SERP, I have tried to figure out why not we focus on Bing and Yahoo as well for some backup traffic. I know that you people will say that why spend time for such low amount of traffic? I too did brainstorming for same. The result, their is no loss on optimizing your website for Yahoo and bing till you have a fair product and ethical seo practices. Finally “Something is better than nothing”.

So, I have studied the yahoo and Bing. I kept just core points and differentiators in my mind so just explaining the key points below. I think rest you will give me as a reply on this blog post.  Below is point wise illustration:

1.       Search Share:

2.       Top 500 Keywords and References of Analytics, Webmaster and respective Ranking: Please find attachment for same

3.       If we modify our site structure for Yahoo and Bing What will happen:

Bing is now search partner for Yahoo. So now we just need to change site structure for bing (

  • Bing gives more priority to Quality links, and web development standards like W3C and Federal 508 laws.
  • Below is a brief comparison for Search Results

    • Bing detects and penalize OVER SEO sites more frequently than of Google.
    • Above fact from Bing webmaster may a bit painful for us as we do that.
    • Link exchange in mass from single domain is not acceptable by Bing (In Google there is not as such comment)
    • Development Changes required for bing:
  • So finally there not as such side effect by theory on Google ranking while optimizing fro Bing. However as we play with links on google ranking on many keywords can fluctuate on Bing and Yahoo vice-versa.

Hope above information will help to all webmasters looking for being ranked on Yahoo and SEO.


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