Adtech Delhi 2011 at a Glance

Hi freaks. I have attended adtech Delhi on 27th and 28th April 2011. It was a nice experience and below I am expressing myself.

Adtech is a massive event in dimension of online marketing and advertising. It’s was first time in India. I have observed that how marketers’ attitude is changing with respect to online marketing. First thing that this arena is in a revolutionary phase of online marketing.  Increasing ratio of Smartphone are defining new dimension of marketing. I agreed with the words of Krishna Kumar (business development, APAC, inmobi) that the concept of lean back advertising and personalization will lead creatives in this arena.

Moving Further Mr. Rajeev Bala has described creative content strategy, and it’s awesome. I agree that until our content grab user attention, the web or campaign is dead. Users have millions of option available on web, so we need to be creative with marketing strategy. Stat shows that 80-85% of people never clicked on any display ads. We may think why? Either user wants a justification before clicking on them or else our creative’s fails.

Internet marketing industry could never be ruled by guidelines. Here we have break existing phenomenon and define new. Strategies are not based on quarter but it manipulates times to times and medium to medium. Big guys never thought about the same. The concept of flash sales is one of those ice breaking ideas. Pear Uppal (fashion and you) and Gaurav Kachru (deals and you) has described the same in very beautiful manner.

I had many more sessions with other guys but I just concentrated that what was not there? After analyzing all sessions what I felt that upcoming trends were missing. The speakers at Adtech were not focusing on what couldn’t be done and how industry is evolving day by day?

Here it comes to me. For example Facebook talked a lot about their advertising benefits, reach, extensive demographic and geographic reach, but they failed to explain that for what kind of industry it will fail. However it’s common if anyone will apply that. What my work experience say that lot of marketers doesn’t have common sense. If we talk about fashion, gadgets, or similar tangible products, FB is smash but contrary to that if we use FB for hardcore electronics, agriculture, or similar industry it’ll sink.  Now come to Google Adwords… a lot of people are just wasting there money and time doing PPC without knowing which SE will cater what? This question needs and answer whenever we talk about paid campaigns.

Next level is user segmentation. Targeting geography, language and demographics are now too old. What could be done next? Here it comes to artificial intelligence role on navigation. Next level is of custom navigation which will change as per individual. Hence targeting would be too much specific and new concepts, like gender, choice, and decisions come into picture. These points were not covered in Adtech presentation.

Concept of personalization needs to emphasize.  Ad personalization is a new concept which is evolving these days but still not up to that level. Only brands like, Audi, BMW, HP are doing these things. These new concepts need a lot of market study and user behavior analysis. But one should know that web is never like before and we can’t take it as a display network or Ad placements any more.

I’ll be conducting a webinar on same soon. I am preparing for same. Till then have a nice surfing…  Meanwhile please update me with your queries and feedback.


3 thoughts on “Adtech Delhi 2011 at a Glance

  1. Hello Sir,

    Awesome written. waiting for the seminar 🙂
    I want to know regarding the concept of personalization? what does it stand for?

    Does it mean the placing of unnecessary placement of ads to increase the sales?

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