Stand Up Leadership

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Who is leader and what it mean? We know thousands of peoples or more than this figure to whom we call as “Leader”. We peep in to biography and study many pattern and multiple text book during our study of “Leadership”.

My friend Suhel Khan once said me “Leader’s Job is to create leaders not followers”. I agreed on core of his words and today I wanted to elaborate same with my experience with Mr. Rajeev Bala at Adtech, New Delhi.


Leadership Factors

I have passed through many bullshits (I forgot, they are so called Leaders :)) during my professional journey. Everyone has different characteristic and objective. As soon as time passes I became old… and my friend became bald by spoiling my night with silly aggressive talk and mild whisky, I started analyzing. Basically a common man forgets that being common is an extra ordinary thing.

A man who works hard, who always follow clocks, take all commands by respective seniors, have a bit frustration with wife, tensed with next month expanses, unhappy with current appraisal, tortured by credit recovery guys, jealous with neighbors’ new car and YET giving 100% + productivity and smart ideas for enterprises and small businesses. Now what we say that our leaders make fortunes or run businesses. At least not true for IT ventures or if true people are much diversified.

Trend emerges and some times silly things get converted in million dollar enterprise, like Twitter. Here it comes about analyzing potential and boosting or I must say provoking one leader that is underneath.

I attended many sessions at Adtech New Delhi but one is really one of those kind which I never forget to mention about.

Rajeev Bala at Adtech Sponsered workshop

In that session Mr. Bala has made panel and asked for SEO campaign in five minutes. Obviously I was in that panel and as per Mr.. Bala my idea was winner there. You can see pic above. It’s the nice example of user engagement. We need to identify skills and the best way for same is to provide or create a platform where talent can be showcased. Eyeca is the biggest initiative for the same.

Remember what dell has done. The creative ideas collected by dell users helped dell to came up with smashing ads. We know that 95% of people follows rest 5%, that’s how twitter grown up.

Understanding the individuals psychology and treating them with same is an art. the one who has this will be a leader.


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