Publishing Houses and SEO

Few Days back one gentelman asked me wheather publishing houses should modify their content as per SEO demands or not?

This is a major question in minds of publishing group marketing minds and SEO groups. I dont know why people are so much confused on this topic. I am very clear on this prospective and below is my answer on same.

“No”, publishing websites should not modify their content with respect to the principles of SEO. The simple reason behind this is, SEO is a technique that works over good authentic content, but vice-versa is not true all the time.

Consider a blogger who blogs about technology proficiently. In most of the cases, he/she would not be SEO savvy. So, will search engines drop their ranking? The answer is simply “No”.

There are numerous parameters involved in the ranking mechanism. As far as Google is concerned, it values off page factors more, in which content authenticity and freshness rank at the top.

Publishing houses are content providers, which do just that. Further, their regularly updated content serves as a reference of daily communication and gives credit to multiple sources, which is a favorable feature in terms of ranking.

Publishing Houses

SEO and Publishers

The HTML 5 technology is emerging as a new dimension of SEO. Using micro formats, the publishing websites can deliver relevant information to search engines, which in turn can help the users to know more about website catering to their interests.

As a closing note, I’d say that no doubt writing SEO friendly content is always recommended until it reduces the value of your content, but we do not need to modify existing content on publishing websites, since it can be an effective tool in its own stride.

Hope all the Folks enjoy reading my blog. Do let me know same via your comments and feedbacks. I’ll love to hear from you. Also you can suggest topics for next blog as well.

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4 thoughts on “Publishing Houses and SEO

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