Twitter Brand Pages- A new era of online branding

Good News is here for brand owners at Twitter. Twitter has announced its Brand Pages, which is look alike facebook page, but for sure its again concentrated on microblogging and 145 chars posts.

Why Twitter launched this?

Twitter has gained unpredictable popularity and massive user crowed. In initial days when twitter was launched I too ignored it like many other folks. I was not too wise that time (Might be due to excessive hairs on my head those days L). Popularity and simplicity of twitter attracted many brand owners to create a profile on twitter and stay connected with their customers. A lot of good and bad brand example came in space by that time.

Look at the below chart and you will know plenty of things:

Twitter Accounts by Industry- 2011

Twitter Accounts by Industry- 2011

But there is significance of brand over a individual. Every brand has to associate a lot of other dimensions to actually deliver what they are. Obviously these can’t be done under an Individual’s parameter. Twitter has evolved much with a single motivation that keep users as comfortable as they could be. While blogging is like a business suite to me twitter still feels like tee-boxer combination. This is the same motivation that driven twitter to launch brand pages to attract even more users and attract more brands to increase their brand loyalty.

What would be use of twitter brand page?

Only time and smart marketers can decide this. In my previous blog on twitter I have discussed it as well. The brand will synchronize their activity on twitter in more organized manner. The iPhone and android versions of twitter will keep users to stay updated with more focused content. But the point here is to make The lists and tags are for same use. The brand page will help brand owners to create short service code for customer queries. Like a restaurant page may have short codes for order status enquiry or a hotel page may have booking status or service request codes. Using it can do even much more advance ticketing. See the example of a twitter brand page below:

HP twitter Brand Page

HP Twitter Brand Page

What to do now?

Oh.. I am going to make a cup of coffee and sadly I have to wash my coffee mug as I use same every time. Meanwhile I’ll checkout some brand pages as well. You know that making coffee is a big deal… boiling water… putting sugar.. searching coffee beans…. L But the good thing about twitter brand page that you get everything at same place to create one for you and the worst thing.. Be careful with messaging and type of twitter contest and updates you do, otherwise…..


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