Creating a new website and confused???

Welcome folks.. All of you are aware that I am not a frequent blogger due to lot of other professional engagements.. But anyways.. Sorry for that..

Today I can’t resist myself from writing this blog as in few weeks I came across many people who wanted to create  a new website and get confused what to do??? I can’t disclose company names but many company who want $1M turnover from online business, still digging with changing page content, layouts.. every week just to make some profit and result.. all goes to vain.

I am not against corporate designers, management either.. A lot of websites appeals so much that user can’t resist themselves from navigating and some are too informative that one can’t stop self. But here I want to illustrate different story altogether. There are two kinds of e-business establishment, one who know what they have to do and how and other are digging the things that what they can do and how… These combinations are interchangeable. A new type is there which I am not listing as they are just lifestyle business owners. Now you must have got me.. I am not talking about blonds and surds but of copy cats who copy an existing business and make some profit out of same from competitive advantages.

Oh.. I think I am going more in to business intelligence. Let com back to the point.. “WEBSITE”. First I want business owners to make it understood that website what they think is entirely different than what it is. Most of the cases it defined as “A channel where a owner can list their product and services/information with some funky images to lust their visitors to make sale”. Fo this they hire agencies or do a lot of brainstorming, see their competitors and then try to make a design which can be better from those or at least nearby those as per their budget allocations.

Please correct me on above point if I am wrong. I would like to update this definition.

So, let me directly come to point and list me ingredients of successful website:

1. Copied content

2. Best design of any competitor

3. Product Display/Service Listing

4. SEO friendly

5. Expensive CMS

6. Post graduate content writer

7. $$$ ADs

So got impressed? I know you will kick me out of board for saying this but its the naked truth of this industry. I daily follow ups 100s of websites and found same above ingredients. So whats my comment?

Here it goes:

1. Business Layer draft

2. Functional Layer draft

3. UI Layer illustration

4. Consumer Behavior study report (A lot of research firms can provide you that)

5. Geographic choice of colors and themes (For example bright colors will not make sales in Eastern part)

6. Defined Goals

7. Simplified conversion path

8. SEO Framework

Once you are done with above now the second part will be

1. Content writing… If its a commerce focus on reviews and product details. Gather as much customer reviews as you can. Believe me, it will be cheaper than Post Graduate content writer.

2. UI Design to accommodate all above listed items. Don’t copy designs, be creative. Put yourself in customer shoes and think what would be best to click you for conversion.. Draw on paper and give it to designer. No need to high wire framing applications or experts. But yes you need a good graphic designer.

3. CMS and commerce framework- A lot of open source is available.. try them and then upgrade once you taste the flavor of success..

4. HTML 5– Remember that you need to be synchronized with new trends. As future of search and websites are depending upon HTML 5, its better to adopt now and use proper micro formats.

Once you are done with above stages now its marketing… For this.. wait for my next blog.. as I have a campaign to finish first…..

Have a great time.. do me a favor… drop comments.. its the only reward that I can get from my blog…


3 thoughts on “Creating a new website and confused???

    • Thanks Silky… You won the fastest finger first.. Its nice to see.. I never got more faster comment than this on any of my blog… Have a nice time..

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