Google Analytics: Analysis to do

Hi to all Folks.. Wishing all of you a profitable and full of conversions 2013.

Its been a long time since we all are using Google Analytics and I believe all of us loved it. Primarily for being free and secondary for there intuitive initiatives which keep web marketers in pace with consumer behavior. As being a advance analytics user, I have been able to explore much more things in GA which leads towards desirable reports and recommended analysis of you website behavior. Most of the time people come and say that they are not able to decide actions based upon their GA reports.

Actually It’s a very big question. Decision making with GA reports? What I observed in many last years that GA reports are often misinterpreted or under-estimated. The problem is not with people but the problem lies in understanding you very own website basics. Web is flooded with articles on checklist of websites, GA implementations and other stuff but still lot many users are not able to reap the fruit. A simple word comes to my mind each time I encounter such user which is “WHY”. Although its too big to illustrate the real reason but still I can snoop into, Let me put my detective Hat and special glasses…..

I am ready..
My question to GA users is very simple.. What they expect from there Google Analytics Implementation? Did anyone got the answer.. umm.. my answer is nothing but to track micro segments of my website. As I answered a bald head man came into picture and asked “Micro-Segments….(itching head..) what’s that?”. Now its my term to itch head that what I said… oops..
Lets start with scratch with scratching too much…
Your website is a sets of pages. Each set has unique content and purpose to serve. First try to dissect your website in following layer:
1. Business Layer
2. Presentation layer
3. Interaction Layer
4. Conversion Layer
5. .. May be you may have some custom layer..Like ECom, Widget, Mobile.. etc.
Now as you have did it you are ready for understand my view point. Usually people doesn’t segment their website to get GA reports according to that. Contrary to above they start applying too much of filters and custom reports.

Now implement advance features of GA like Custom Variables and Click events. I like that each layer has different variable. Or you may apply 2-3 GA accounts with rollover if your website is Trunkey enough. After implementing in above manner.. what’s left.. Its which reports are for you..

Most of the time people end up looking Visits, Bounces and Goals. Is it enough to make any decision. I don’t think so. We should have form a equation for our website on below things:
What would be ideal bounce rate?
What is expected Goal Value?
And most important the hypothetical navigation path for each of your website layer.

Let me explain on case..
I went to a shoe store to buy few casual and formal shoes. I was roaming around and looking for desired stuff. Suddenly on guy came into picture who greeted me and explained me offers and new arrivals. As I told him my choice he showed me the sections of desired collection and left saying that I may call him when needed. Finally I made my choice and again called him for assistance. He served well and made me but 3 pairs.

While returning back I started thinking what’s missing on the e-com store which I navigate periodically for such stuffs.

Now look carefully.. The shoe store is a website. The offers and promotions are your media placeholders. Finally the sales guy is hypothetical navigation of any user.

I explained a lot and deviated from main topic that’s how GA will help? Go back and read again if you missed my clues in above paragraphs. Now I have all the GA reports on my desktop. I started brainstorming.. First is how a visitor came and then I followed his entire navigation till exit. With the help of GA reports, I made many patterns on converting and non-converting navigations. Now I made few hypothetical navigation which I thought will navigate most.

After doing above.. Now the main objective starts.. Decision making with GA. Once you have above things call your webmaster, Designer and Marketer.. Might be they are one..
So, start with experiment keeping an eye on real-time reports under GA. Start diverting traffic to you hypothetical navigation and see the results. Don’t do a lot of A/B or Split testing. I personally don’t advise as they are time taking and not worthy for immediate decision which are required during festive and sale seasons. B2B users don’t mind. Same principle apply to you as well during events and business meets. Now as navigation goes on see the core ingredients of success:

Keyword, Referring sites, entrance page, length of visit, navigation path and exit point. After this record the bounce rate on exit point and entrance point.

Now its your business to make decision until you ask me.. This post already got too long and will be irritating after this.. but for sure next blog will be of same series…

Happy new year again.. Good times…


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