SEO: You need to Earn it..

Hi Folks. Hope Google panda revision will got impact you too much(Isn’t it’s too late to ask? Just forgive me). Anyways this is not my cup of tea. A variety of articles are available on this topic. However let me clear its just a patch update and nothing gonna happen at mass. At least for my websites.. there is no flux.


Today I am writing this blog based upon my discussion with one genius who said SEO is not worthy. Basically there are two type of Business owners with respect to SEO view. One thinks it’s a rapid implementation and should expect results in a quarter. The other one thinks it’s a process required for business to be in competition. But all kind of business owners has a common point, How much to invest in SEO and what should expect from this?


So, if you are the one who is seeking advice on above point you landed on right page. I am not a SEO genius as my blog name suggest accidentally(Soon I will shift my blog to other domain), but I do understand the nature of this process and Business owners. First of all, the perception of ROI from SEO needs to be revised. SEO is not a magic, it never use to work in that fashion. However we have tricks to rank high in shorter time, but they are not for forever. Most of the time professional use this tricks for bullish clients and to charge high dollars for quick results. Make me one more thing very clear, there are hundreds of way to play with a website to show traffic increase and partial conversions, but it’s all an industry gimmick. I have seen many big names doing above things with their clients.

I don’t want to blame professionals or company for this. That’s the way they make money. And money is all about, why we open a company or be a professional. My effort is just to make process more clear and to make business owner’s understand, be away of bulls race. Now I’ll put spotlight on SEO.

SEO is no more about meta tags, keyword density, backlinks blab la bla. In past I came across many client who asked my to get backlinks and they were happy to pay for it. Same with other SEO factors. But does it work? At some extent yes.. But as Search Engine revise their policies/algorithms we again need to work from scratch… So now a bigger question came, if it’s not SEO, what is it?
All SEO’s who don’t agree with me, please forgive me, I already started loosing my hairs.. 😦

As per me SEO is about keep doing better with your existing website to make it more useful, neat, organized and user-friendly. Consider spiders as your website visitor. Believe me, you will amaze after looking at your result.
Now compare SEO and PPC… in PPC you pay and get listed on page 1 and respectively get traffic and conversions. Of course a lot of optimization scope lies there but I don’t wanted to go in that domain in this post. I said keep doing better with your existing website, What it means?
Content is king we all knew this, but most important thing is presentation and structure of your content. I will not neglect the basic SEO practices, like meta tags, URL rewriting, Hx, Internal Hyperlinks and organic backlinks. But the bigger picture is how you beat competition if you just stick to basic practices, not the robust link building and other stuffs?

So now SEO has below things to include:
1. Navigation optimization
2. Junk Codes removal
3. Using easy and neat scripting
4. faster load time
5. QR code compatibility
6. Optimized images(not over optimization just what should be justified)
7. Basic on-page SEO as per google guidelines

Oh.. He shouted on me.. Is this what you suggesting?? I said, no.. This is where we start. We need to make content sharing strategies. At the same time we need to focus how you can decrease the link levels of your website. Next we need to target our website usability. Remember even if your website rank #1, it will be of no use with proper usability testing and analysis.

Now, the major part forgive generic keywords. You need to optimize on exact phrase which you believe should 100% convert. Remember one thing your business need conversion not clicks. High traffic with low conversion is worst case of frustration. Better proceed with small amount of visits with expected rate of conversions. For example, I sell Sports Shoes and I have verity of those. So rather than targeting “Buy Sports shoes“, I will create a pool of keywords like “Buy Red sports shoes in Chicago” or something similar.
When you did it, it’s time to think beyond general website and incorporate micro formats. Any visitor will love to click on your listing, if they see the product information on same search result page, like Price, Discounts, Likes e.t.c. You may read my blog on microformates for more information on this.

So what have been changes so far? Let me clear SEO is not about paying somebody to optimize your website, it about earning respect in eyes of your customers and Search engines. Of course earning takes time. That’s why I said “You need to earn it”. Because SEO results are often stable and don’t ask for money on each click. So focus on clicks to conversion strategy rather than keyword to click.


One thought on “SEO: You need to Earn it..

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